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1.  What Is Your Preferred Shotgun?

2.  How do you think the future price of lead will impact shooting sports?

3.   Does stock pitch affect POI?

4.  Is discount ammo worth using, considering the wear and tear it has on your firearm?

5.  With so many different sight diameters and colors to choose, do you feel they significantly      help?

6.  Do you have more misfires using discount ammo?

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22%  Perazzi
20%  Browning
15%  Krieghoff
14%  Beretta

9%  Kolar
9%  Ljutic
2%  C. Guerini
3%  Remington
2%  SKB

1%  Alfermann
1%  Blaser
1%  Seitz
1%  Silver Seitz
1%  Winchester

38%    Much higher will be a game-changer
30%    I will eat bologna sandwiches before I stop          trapshooting!
27%    Rising costs may impact attendances here and
5%      The market will correct, no worries.

52%    Yes
48%    No

69%    Yes
31%    No

38%   Definitely
51%   Not Really
9%     Not Sure

Poll-Star Comment:  “Once the gun is aligned properly, the eyes leave the bead only to be seen with your peripheral vision when the proper connection is made with the the clay.”

7%     Yes
77%    No real difference
15%    I do not use it

Poll-Star Comment:  “I have at times used Walmart Federals and have never had a missfire. Don’t know about the consistency of the patterns though. But a hard hitting shell.”