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“The trigger is the brains of the gun.  If you don’t have a good trigger, you don’t have anything.  You don’t have a gun, as far as I’m concerned.”




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Mike Blaisdell

8 Time All-American

 30 New Hampshire State Titles
Other State Titles - 75
9 Times Captain
Past President, New Hampshire
 Trapshooting Association

5 – Eastern Zone Titles
 (Including 2011 Eastern Zone
 Doubles Championship and All Around)
2005 Eastern Zone Singles Champion

ATA Record Shoot-Off Record 575 x 575
  12 Grand American Trophies
15 Satellite Grand Trophies




All-American   Mike Blaisdell

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iTrapshooter.com:  How has this influenced you in your new role as a teacher?

 I like to think of it as a style.  It’s like the martial arts.  Kay has a certain style of shooting.  I’ve also taken classes from Phil Kiner. Phil and I are good friends and have talked over the years on certain aspects of shooting and how he approaches the game.  And, I’ve taken lessons from Ricky Marshall.  What I like about it is I’m able to pull from each individual that I have either taken lessons with or talked to.  I’ve been able to mold my own style of shooting.  It is a combination of a lot but I can say foremost, it is the style that Kay has taught is what I practice.

iTrapshooter.com:  What are your equipment choices and why?

 Krieghoff.  I shoot a traditional K-80 over-and-under combination.  I have been experimenting with the Trap Special - working a little bit with that.  I’m always interested in new products and new things.  You know, we’re all looking for that one target.  That one extra thing that gives us that edge.  Krieghoff is outstanding.  They just are a great company to deal with.  Mr. Krieghoff, Alex Diehl and everyone there has been great to work with.
What I like about their equipment is their triggers.  I think they have the best trigger that is on the market today.  It’s an old design, but the quality of the parts is what I look for.  The trigger is the brains of the gun.  If you don’t have a good trigger, you don’t have anything.  You don’t have a gun, as far as I’m concerned.  Especially, I shoot double release triggers and they have to be tuned.  That’s why I work with
Kerry Allor.  Kerry is not only a good friend, he’s an unbelievable technician.  He keeps my equipment right where I want it.

iTrapshooter.com:  Take us back through the HOF record book to the longest shoot-off.

Mike:  That was an interesting day. That tournament back in 2005, there were over 1,000 participants in Elysburg that year.  I think I missed my 124th target or something like that.  I finished out with a 199 and basically went back to my trailer and thought it was pretty much over.  I was on one of the last flights out.  I kept seeing there was no 200’s.  Sure enough, no 200’s came in, in that tournament.  It was nineteen 199’s.  So they called us to the line that evening and shot and whittled it down to three people.


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