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Britt Robinson

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25 Time All-American

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High Over-All-Champion
High All-Around Champion
Doubles Champion

Handicap Champion



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Britt Robinson remembers a shooting clinic he once did in Gillette, Wyoming, like it happened yesterday.    

“For the first two days there were five guys, all AA 27.  Any of those men could’ve been me, could’ve been Bonillas, could’ve been Stafford. I mean they could beat you any day of the week on any given day.  They were all excellent shots or they wouldn’t be AA 27.”
Handing out worksheets, he targeted in on what they wanted to learn and heard them talking among themselves.
“I said, all right the jokes over.  What is it you think I can teach you all? “We want you to teach us how to read a trap.”  I said, you gotta be kidding me.  I don’t read the trap.”

They insisted that he did.

“I said, I’ll tell you what, there isn’t one of you that can do it.  Get a box of shells apiece.  You all set the targets, make it go a true 50 yards.  Dead straightaway from post 3.  Get the height, however you want to do it.  One at a time, start on post 1 and shoot all the way across.  Shoot five-five-five-five-five and break twenty-five. I won’t charge you anything and I’ll show why you can’t do it…they must have broke their backs getting out the door.”  

Of course, he knew at the time what was going to happen next.  

“How far do you think the furthest one got?,”  he said. “Seven!  Then the next day, I said you all want to do the same thing?  “Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.” They just laughed, “we’ve already learned” .   I said do you all understand why? They said “yeah”.

Well the whole deal is, each post, you better have a routine because it doesn’t deviate much.   You know, the hold point on the trap house.  Well, they know it’s going to be a straightaway from post 3 and they’re on post 1 instead of holding at the corner or just a little inside or however they do it.  Everybody tries to come back too much toward the center and just trap it.  You know, just go bang.  They changed their whole routine.  They were all laughing at each other. Seven targets was the furthest that any one of the five got and they’re all good shots, you know, way better than the average person. “  

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“Britt Robinson, 12-year-old trapshooting whiz from Tahoka, Texas, took three prizes in 81st annual Texas Trapshooting Tournament at Amarillo, including state junior handicap title, despite fact he will not be classified as junior until his 15th birthday.”  

(July 11, 1960) Faces In The Crowd. Sports Illustrated Magazine




World Champion   Britt Robinson

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