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At the 1982 Indiana State Shoot he became a member of the 8th 500x500 singles squad on record. He was also a squad member of two other 500-straight groups---at the 1983 Florida and 1994 Maryland State Shoots.

Courtesy of the Trapshooting Hall of Fame, Inc.

Part II

Trapshooting Hall of Fame

Ohio State Trapshooting Hall of Fame
18 Time All-American

2 Times Captain Industry Team



iTrapshooter.com:  Among many of your championship accomplishments, you were on more 500 squads than anyone else, true?


Brad:  That I didn’t know.  I know I’ve been on a bunch.  I’ve been on four or five of them.  I can’t remember them all. But, I think that means I shot with good shooters.  

Hall of Fame   Brad Dysinger