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Barrel Cleaning

Choose a reliable plastic removing solvent.  Scrub bore with solvent and a non-scratching nylon bore brush.  

Repeat scrubbing until brush is clear of plastic.
Plastic adhesion can cause internal oxidation and pitting.

Use a chamber brush to
clean the chamber.

Apply plastic removing solvent to cloth patch, wrap cloth around bore brush and scrub to be sure all plastic particles have been removed from brush.

Wrap a clean patch around brush and swab dry the inside of barrel.

Apply a light coat of synthetic gun oil to a clean patch, wrap around brush and swab internal barrel again to prevent oxidation (rust).

Wipe the exterior of barrel with silicone and reel cloth.

Remove all old assembly grease from hinge and receiver area where contaminants and powder residue can collect.

Oil it down so it is ready for the next application of grease when you assemble it.

Metal-type brushes will scratch a smooth bore finish.  Choose a quality nylon brush.

Scrub vigorously until clean.

Cloth patches for detail work.

Seek and destroy hidden contaminants.

Products + elbow grease = a clean finish.

Detach and secure barrel.

Rely on reputable cleaning products.