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Mike Blaisdell
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Clay Target Shootoff at the Grand American 2013


We captured a small bit of video of Matt Bartholow and
Tony Fortino in the Clay Target Shootoff.  We slowed the
speed to capture the target movement and shot. See it here.

Accomplishments at the 2013 Grand included:

Matt Bartholow - 900x900 of the singles (all singles competitions at the Grand) and 500x500 of the doubles in preliminary week.  Matt also completed his "Grand" grand slam during the competition.

Tony Fortino - Grand American Clay Target Champion, Grand Doubles Champion.  Tony also won an NRA singles event at the Grand.

Shootoff Video

Are you taking advantage of the Winchester ammo rebate?

A History On Interruptors

What shells are best for re-loading?

Years back, we all sought the AA for its extended life in reloadability.  It’s changed.  


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